Sustainability Through Innovation


Place : Bangalore
Clients: Milestones
Consultant: McD BERL
BUA: 0.75 Million Sq.ft of Office Space
Servies: Sustainability, PHE , Fire, HVAC & BMS

Green Features

Capital cost is reduced about 1.5Cr. by optimized building design for the services and building façade.

Following are the key parameters has been adopted during the building design,

    • Efficient HVAC ,PHE and Electrical System Design
    • Cost-Effectiveness
    • Comfort
    • Environmental Sustainability
    • Optimize Operational and Maintenance Practices
    • Smart Functionality
Status: Completed

HVAC Features

  • Thermal load reduction through wall and roofing insulation, high performance glass, & occupancy sensors
  • Water cooled chilled water system with variable frequency drives
  • District cooling system has been used for conditioning all blocks
  • Cooling towers are with variable frequency drive
  • Variable flow condenser pumping system
  • Low friction piping systems
  • Bleed off system has been automated
  • Primary inline variable pumping system with sensor less control
  • All pumps are with IE4 Efficiency motors
  • Common condenser header with Bullhead connections has been used
  • Air handling units are with plug fans with efficient IE4 Motors