Sustainability Through Innovation


  • Place : Bangalore
  • Architects : Samskruti Builders Pvt Lts
  • Area : 25 acres
  • Services :Sustainability, PHE

Green Features

Hence McD BERL surveyed the whole site and around catchment to harvest the rainwater and make the development completely water self sustainable.

Catchment and water shed modeling have been done to analyze the amount of water which can be harvested and used for the development, which reduces the grid water demand and having the stream across the site will also helps in increasing the ecology of the site.

All the pathways are pervious to improve the groundwater recharge.

Well designed networked harvesting pits for recharging and storing .

Use of trees as sound barriers .

  • Catchment Area of Site : 7. 7 Sqkm
  • Total water flows into the site is 1937 ML/year
  • Reservoirs planned 3 nos 2.67ML,5.8ML,13.9ML
  • Total Township water demand 46ML.