Sustainability Through Innovation


Place: Ahmadabad
Consultant: McD BERL
Architects: Vastu Shilpa Consultants
BUA: 4.5 lakh Sq. Ft
Services:Sustainability, PHE , Fire, HVAC & BMS

Green Features

58% Saving in HVAC Energy

  • The response to extreme dimensions of the site and orientation has been thick cavity walls to reduce the main heat gain through east and west façade.
  • Openings were designed both to minimize heat gain through direct sun and to maximize the use of natural lighting.
  • Two stage indirect evaporative system is used to bring room temperature within the human comfort zone using less energy
  • Ducts in the outer cavity walls distribute cooled air into the individual floors through vents in the false floor.
  • Supplying air by means of displacement ventilation further reduces energy cost.
  • A standard office building with conventional AC of similar area will consume approximately 5630kWH/day  but with our design and innovative HVAC system ,power consumption is 2320 kWh/day.