Sustainability Through Innovation


IGBC Platinum Rated Building

Place : Bhubaneswar
Clients : Infosys Limited
Area : 450000 sqft
Services : HVAC & Sustainability

Green Features

  • Horizontal & Vertical Shading devices have been designed for the project,which completely shades the building and reduces the solar heat gain.
  • Envelope Load of 0.79 w/sqft has been achieved.
  • 80% Areas are completely Daylit.
  • Insulation for Roof and wall to reduce the heat gain.
  • Double glazed glass to reduce the heat gain
  • EPI is 74 kWh/m2/y compared to 200 kWh/m2/yr.

HVAC Features

  • Chiller Plant efficiency 0.6 iKW/TR at full load condition
  • Chiller Plant part load efficiency 0.4 to 0.55 iKW/TR
  • Air-condition load is 675 sqft/TR compared to conventional building of 300 sqft / TR.
  • Water cooled chilled water system with VFD Magnetic Chiller
  • Low approach (2°F) Cooling towers with VFD
  • Common condenser header with Bullhead connections
  • Variable flow condenser pumping system
  • Air handling units are with EC fans with efficient IE4 Motors
  • Low friction piping systems
  • Fresh air treatment through heat recovery wheel
  • Thermo diffusers are used instead of VAV’s in office space.
  • Thermo diffuser with independent set points gives control and comfort to every occupant.