Sustainability Through Innovation


Place : Mysore
Clients : Infosys
Area: 1 lakh sqft
Services: Sustainability

Green Features

Infosys Technologies Ltd, Mysore.

  • SDB-05 is a software development company.
  • It has a built up area of 2, 50,000 sqft including basement.
  • It is ground plus four floors structure.
  • The air-conditioned space is 2.1 Lakhs sqft


  • 70% Reduction in lighting energy by harvesting the daylight.
  • All light fittings are of T5, T8 super light.
  • Building is completely Day lit from 8AM to 5PM.
  • Occupancy based lighting control is used to switch ON/OFF.
  • Internal light shelf used to optimize daylight.

Building Materials

  • Windows are having double glazed glass with low u value (1.77 W/m2 K).
  • Wall are Cavity walls with XPS insulation, hollow concrete blocks are used.
  • Sun exposed roof is insulated with 75mm XPS insulation.


Building having 210000 sqft conditioned area is connected with 400TR chiller plant which
amounts to 524 sqft/TR compared to 675 TR and 310 Sqft/TR of Base case building.

The total simulated energy consumption in the building is 78 Kwh/m2/year compared to
a conventional building of 140 Kwh/m2/year

HVAC Features

  • Thermal load reduction through wall and roofing insulation, high performance glass, shading elements & occupancy sensors
  • Water cooled chilled water system
  • Variable frequency drive chillers
  • Cooling towers with variable frequency drive
  • All regular air handling units are with high efficient motors
  • All the conditioned air has been supplied through variable air volumes (VAV)
  • DOAS System