Sustainability Through Innovation

National Law University

  • Place: Nagpur
  • Consultant: McD BERL
  • Architect: Architecture Paradigm
  • BUA: 65 acres|2 Million Sq. Ft
  • Services: Sustainability & MEP Services

Green Features

    • Won the National Competition for being the most sustainable concept
    • Passive design of all buildings with Jali as double skin
    • Proposed Solar PV 2.3MWp
    • Fully daylit campus
    • Innovative HVAC technology with a combination of evaporative cooling and under floor cooling
    • Proposed to have the Discrete low energy consuming Cooling system
    • Extreme Water engineering to meet Net Zero Goals

HVAC Features

  • Thermal load reduction through wall and roofing insulation, high performance glass, shading elements & occupancy sensors
  • District cooling system has been used for conditioning all blocks
  • Variable frequency drive Magnetic chillers
  • Pumping system has been designed with high-deltaT temperature
  • Primary inline variable pumping system with sensor less control
  • Low approach (1.2°F) Cooling towers with variable frequency drive
  • Common condenser header with Bullhead connections has been used
  • Variable flow condenser pumping system
  • All pumps are with IE4 Efficiency motors
  • Low friction piping systems
  • Water Economizer
  • Air Economizer for Academic block
  • All 70 seater classrooms are with UnderFloor Air Distribution (UFAD)
  • All 70 seater classroom air handling units are with Three Stage cooling (IEC+DEC+COIL)
  • All regular air handling units are with high efficient EC motors
  • All the conditioned air has been supplied through variable air volumes (VAV)
  • In Admin block, thermo-diffusers with independent set point control  has been designed