Sustainability Through Innovation


Place : Bangalore
Clients: Quasitum
Consultant: McD BERL
Architect: Fluid Space Architects
BUA: 50,000 Sq. Ft
Services :Sustainability, PHE , Fire, HVAC & BMS

Grean Features

Building Materials

  • Wall: Cavity wall: Hallow Clay block + Air Gap +Aerated concrete Block (AAC).
  • Roof: 150mm RCC slab with 75mm thick XPS insulation & Reflective Paint.
  • Window Glass: Double glazed low-e
  • Window to Wall Ratio: 40%


  • Lighting load of 0.6 W/sqft.
  • Photo electric sensors which can dim the light according to the daylight level are installed


  • The overall air-conditioning load is reduced to 52 %
  • HVAC load is 510 sqft /TR. In a conventional building the load would usually be at 250 sqft/TR.