Sustainability Through Innovation


  • Place : Bangalore
  • Developers : BCIL
  • Area : 1,00,000SQFT
  • Services :Sustainability, PHE

Green Features


  • 30% Savings in freshwater use
  • The total number of homes is based on the carrying capacity of the land: to ensure the autonomy in water.
  • All the wastewater us treated in the campus and reused for flushing and Landscaping.


  • 40% Savings in Energy Demand Load
  • 70% Savings in Energy Use
  • Tzed consumes only 60 per cent of energy demand of a 100 houses anywhere else. Residents pay 30 % less on power and 20 % less on monthly maintenance.
  • 5% drop in internal temperature
  • TZed’s ACs bring 100% fresh-air compared to the regular AC, which gets only 80% fresh air in over 24 hours of working.
  • Each home also has “conscience meters”, monitoring electric watts and water consumption.
  • Meters on the kitchen and bathroom taps help to monitor the volume of water used in litres.