Sustainability Through Innovation


  • Place: Bangalore
  • Architects:BCIL
  • Services : Sustainability, PHE

Green Features


  • Water Demand of 3ML/annum met by RWH tank of 400KL
  • Wastewater recycled is 100%.Thus reduces freshwater need by 60% of 18 ML/annum
  • 0.7ML of water saved per annum


  • 64%reduction in HVAC running cost
  • 1500 tons CO2 reduced annually
  • Three season energy efficient Air conditioning system
  • Non ODS Centralized chillers, Ammonia based chiller plant that works on the principal of heat exchange
  • 100%CFC free and HCFC free
  • Consumes 1.2 to 2 units less energy per day
  • partitioning for thermal efficiency

HVAC Features

  • Thermal load reduction through wall and roofing insulation, shading elements & occupancy sensors
  • Earth air tunnels