Sustainability Through Innovation

Mahesh Babu D

Manager PHE & Fire

Mahesh Babu is a mechanical engineer having 15 years’ experience in designing PHE and FIRE services. He is acquainted with McD BERL from the day it started. He has worked on innovative technologies and has contributed to the success of this organization. His expertise includes water self-sufficiency analysis, water treatment system design, water shed analysis, wastewater treatment system design, improvement in microclimate, master plan development etc. Apart from this he has worked on many prestigious projects like IIIT (Delhi), Sunnyvale (Chennai), inflibnet (Ahmadabad), HAREDA (Haryana), Indus valley (Bangalore) and many more. Currently he is working on Infosys (Nagpur), IIM (Trichy), NCSCM (Chennai), Commercial complex and hotel (Durgapur), Thaiyur (Chennai) and many more.