What is Mixed Mode Cooling? 

What is Mixed Mode Cooling?

Mixed mode cooling refers to a cooling system that combines different methods to achieve optimal cooling efficiency. This can involve integrating traditional air conditioning systems with more sustainable or energy-efficient methods such as natural ventilation, evaporative cooling, or thermal mass cooling. 

The idea behind mixed mode cooling is to take advantage of each cooling method depending on the external conditions, occupancy patterns and desired indoor comfort levels.  

Example:  During moderate weather conditions, natural ventilation can be used to cool the indoor space, reducing the reliance on mechanical cooling systems, and saving energy. However, when the outdoor temperature rises or falls outside the comfort range, traditional air conditioning systems can kick in to maintain a comfortable indoor environment. 

Open Windows Vs Closed Windows required? 

In a mixed mode cooling system, the decision to open or close windows may be automated based on real-time data from sensors monitoring indoor and outdoor conditions.  

Example: Windows may be programmed to open automatically, when outdoor temperatures are within a comfortable range and close when conditions become too hot, cold, or humid. This approach optimizes indoor comfort and energy efficiency while leveraging both natural and mechanical cooling methods as needed. 


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