Same Comfort, Less Wastage: Efficient Fixtures 

Same Comfort, Less Wastage: Efficient Fixtures

Efficient Fixtures for water conservation
The smart tap for the smart resident.

One of the jobs of technology is to make things efficient, and it is generally successful at its job. But people take time to adapt to new technology usually because they aren’t aware of it.

With advances in sanitary fixtures, we get the same level of comfort while dramatically reducing water usage and wastage. This is one area where we can be mindful of when it comes to water conservation.

As they say, “Old habits, die hard”. 

It’s very true when it comes to the way we use resources. Our habits of using water are rooted in excess. We use taps as if there’s an unlimited supply of fresh water, even when we know better. But we must change for the better and develop a creed of sustainable living.

For builders, lower water usage means reduced investment in infrastructure (reduced sump, reduced STP capacity, fewer pipes, and reduced pump demands). All of this directly reduces your capital costs, operational costs, and maintenance costs.

For occupants, it means less dependency on external water sources, lower water bills, and doing their fair share in making the world better for future generations.

As proponents and firm advocates of sustainability, McD BERL helps its clients take major advancements towards a culture of sustainable development. Let’s work together to accelerate the process of reaching a net-zero world so leaders can create a better world for all.

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