STP On Terrace

STP On Terrace

STP on Terrace by McD BERL

Concept: This image shows the use of a Sewage Treatment Plant on the terrace to
address the challenges of space in tightly packed cities such as Mumbai.”

While building a new building, or retrofitting an older one it’s difficult to disturb the ground floor area. But most of these buildings have enough space on the terrace for a Sewage Treatment Plant (STP). Just moving the STP from the bottom to the top can solve some critical problems:

  • Space efficiency: You won’t need to disturb the ground floor or the
    bottom floors as they are usually the busiest.
  • Minimize foul smell: STPs under the ground floor usually start smelling after some time because a lot of waste is collected. On the
    terrace, the smell will blow away with the wind, and maintenance or
    fixing issues will also be easier.
  • Retrofitting: Installing an STP will also be important in older
    buildings. But since older buildings have a space problem, the STP
    can be installed on the terrace.
  • Recycle water: STP provides you the ability to recycle and reuse
    water which reduces the dependency on outside sources of water.

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