Sustainability Through Innovation


McD BERL: McD BERL is a Built Environment Research Laboratory where we continuously focus on creating awareness on the need to live in Natural Environments. We strive to contribute back to communities with our integrated approach to Water, Energy & Materials. Our consistent endeavour is to engineer our projects to enable Zero Energy, Zero Carbon & Water Self-sufficient development through our proprietary tools.

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To make the built environment as resource friendly as possible. Be it water, energy or resources, our responsibility  does not stop at the competition of the project but at the conclusion of its lifecycle.

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By investing and involving in research, policy and growth, we are trying to secure a better future for generations to come, and a better present for those society at large.

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With over 13 years of experience and over 4000 projects in those years, Today McD BERL is proud to be associated with a list of clients that we believe in the same ideals of sustainability and development that we so strongly believe in.

Started in 2003, McD BERL is 60 people organisation having done projects in India, China, Morocco, Indonesia, United States and Colombia (SA)