Sustainability Through Innovation


  • Place : Bangalore
  • Architects : The Purple Ink Studio
  • BUA : 50000sqft
  • No of Units : 8 Units

Green Features

60% Savings in Water

  • High Efficient Low Flow Fixtures
  • Aerators for the Faucets
  • Recycle and Reuse of treated wastewater
  • For Flushing and Landscaping
  • Hot water demand is met by using Solar Hot water system
  • Heat Pump option for Hot water

35% Energy Savings

  • 3 layered Vegetation for summer shading
  • Tree Court for Micro Comfort
  • Shading devices to reduce heat gain
  • Reflective Tiles to reduce heat gain
  • LED and T5 fixtures
  • Double Glazed Low E glass
  • 50% of the spaces are Daylit
  • Solar PV for Common Areas
  • HVAC Load is 500sqft/TR compared to conventional design of 250sqft/TR
Kings House