Making India Fireproof: Importance of Fire Engineering

Making India Fireproof: Importance of Fire Engineering

Making India Fireproof: Importance of Fire Engineering

Carlton Towers, Bangalore, claimed 9 lives and injured almost 70 people.

Just in 2021, India recorded 1.6 million fire accidents, with 27,027 innocent lives lost. Most of these accidents are caused due to a lack of Safety equipment and training to arrest the Fire in time.

Both commercial and residential buildings built without the proper installation of fire hazard measures are at risk of such accidents. We can’t take this lightly; this must be addressed on a wide scale. Due to a lack of awareness and the attitude of “this won’t happen to me”, people don’t just put their properties and residents at risk, but they also endanger others around them.

The Invisible Threat to Indian Infrastructures: Lack of Fire Protection:

Modern cities in India are bubbling with impressive skyscrapers, bustling malls, cozy homes, and various kinds of large-scale built environments. But there is a danger right under our noses- the lack of proper fire protection in a lot of those buildings.

A fire breakout in a public infrastructure or a residential building is a nightmare event. Unfortunately, this nightmare is a reality more often than it should be. Between 2010 and 2014, fires in India claimed over 17,000 lives, according to the National Crime Records Bureau. It is high time we tackled this alarming issue head-on.

The Solution: Fire Engineering

Have you ever wondered how buildings can be designed to keep us safe from fires? This is where Fire Engineering steps in. Instead of just hoping for the best, fire engineering uses smart design and technology to prevent fires and protect lives. Imagine if every building was a fortress against fire hazards, ready to keep you safe. This is the goal of fire engineering.

There are two ways to make buildings fireproof:

  1. Active Fire Protection Systems
  2. Passive Fire Protection Systems

Active Fire Protection Systems:

Think of active fire protection systems as the heroes of fire safety. They are the ones who sound the alarm when danger strikes and even fight the fire themselves. Fire alarms, sprinkler systems, and smoke detectors are like vigilant sentinels, ever watchful for any sign of trouble. Did you know that buildings with automatic sprinklers are 80% less likely to have serious casualties during a fire? That is the power of these systems.

India’s National Building Code knows how important these systems are and actually requires them in bigger buildings. But sometimes, due to costs or a lack of awareness, these measures get ignored. Investing in these systems is not just about obeying the law – it is about creating a safer environment for everyone.

Passive Fire Protection Systems:

Imagine a shield that stands between you and danger when a fire breaks out. That is passive fire protection. These are the silent defenders that slow down the spread of fire, giving you more time to escape. They are like unsung heroes, making sure that even if a fire starts, it does not become a raging inferno. Fire-resistant materials, special doors, and walls that can hold back flames are the unsung stars of passive fire protection.

How McD BERL can help?

We are at a crossroads where we cannot ignore the need for better fire safety in our buildings any longer. Fires do not discriminate – they can affect anyone, anywhere. By bringing fire engineering into our construction practices, we are taking a giant leap towards safer cities and towns. It is not just about rules and regulations; it is about giving you and your loved ones the best chance to stay safe.

So, let us join hands – architects, engineers, policymakers, and citizens – to create buildings that not only look good but are safe havens in times of crisis. Fire engineering is not just about preventing fires; it is about protecting dreams, memories, and lives. After all, a safer building is a hug that keeps you safe, even in the darkest of times.

At McD BERL, our engineers ensure code compliance with all current laws and regulations along with performance-based design. Our Services include passive fire protection, Active fire protection, Fire detection and alarm systems, Fire Suppression, escape route planning, and Code Compliance. We provide innovative solutions based on data and futuristic sustainable principles. Get in touch with us today to make your buildings fireproof and net-positive.

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