Sustainability Through Innovation


Taj Kanha is a luxury lodging in the tiger reserve where tourists can see the majestic animal in its natural habitat. The tents are pitched in well planned locations so that tourists can have a direct view of the river where they can catch a glimpse of the wildlife at Kanha.

Received Emmerson Cup Award for the Innovative air-conditioning system

Place: Kanha National park
Architect: Sanjay Prakash & Associates
Area: 24 Rooms|1.5 lakh sqft
Services: MEP & Sustainability

Green Features

    • An innovative HVAC design resulted in  a two skinned canvas roof with an  insulated inner layer.
    • A mist system  fitted between the roofs reduces  temperatures of air touching the tent. This system is also called as passive  Down draft evaporative cooling.
    • Adaptation of this system reduced the  air condition load drastically from 12  TR  to 5 TR. Per room.
    • 50% Reduction in HVAC Energy Consumption