Sustainability Through Innovation


Place: Bangalore
Clients: Umiya Group
BUA: 0.85Milion Sq.ft
Services: sustainability, PHE , Fire, HVAC & BMS

Green Features

  • Optimized Façade Design
  • 20% savings in operational cost.
  • 45% Saving in Water Consumption
  • 5% Reduction in Capital Cost Compared to Conventional Design

HVAC Features

  • Thermal load reduction through wall and roofing insulation, high performance glass,  shading elements & occupancy sensors
  • Water cooled chilled water system with variable frequency drives
  • Variable frequency drive Magnetic chillers
  • Cooling towers are with variable frequency drive
  • Variable flow condenser pumping system
  • Low friction piping systems
  • Bleed off system has been automated
  • Primary inline variable pumping system with sensor less control
  • All pumps are with IE4 Efficiency motors
  • Common condenser header with Bullhead connections has been used
  • Air handling units are with plug fans with efficient IE4 Motors