Sustainability Through Innovation



MindTree Kalinga

We consider how all elements of a building’s design work together to meet the needs of its owners, occupants and environment. We believe that it is only by considering the total building design that we can create buildings that are efficient with resource utilization, affordable to build and operate, good to inhabit and appropriate to their context.


100% Water Self Sufficient: Wellness Retreat

Using rainwater harvesting through swales, recharge pits and thus the increase in the Groundwater level converted completely dry land to lush green landscapes

Energy security for the future.

Generating energy from sources such as the sun, wind and solid waste is an idea that still sounds ambitious to many developers. It is true that it requires a slightly larger initial investment, however, India along with China have the most competitive costs for harnessing renewable energy. Future energy cost savings along with the energy security leaves our clients satisfied with the techniques we fully stand behind.

Infosys Nagpur: simulations

kalinga_weekly summary
kalinga_color heatmap

Based on the architectural layouts and Infosys design standards we conceptualized the MEP service system with a comfortable indoor environment based on the energy efficiency parameters of energy efficiency according to the latest standards.


EDGE in India: ``A platform we have been waiting for``

The user-friendliness and simplicity of the EDGE software and certification process will encourage mass market transformation. Focus on resource efficiency will immediately address the energy and water crisis at hand


Green Theory

Our recent King’s House project in Bangalore is being highlighted here. The Purple Ink Studio designed yet another project we are proud to be part of. Our consulting services and studies helped to implement “Regenerative Architecture” concept. Enjoy the article and we will give you more details of our work on it soon.